Pubs for Sale in South London

pubs for sale in south london. Advertise your pub for sale or pub lease re-assignment with us. We advertise pubs, restaurants and hotels for sale in the south london area. We do not charge a commission on the sale of your business.

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All our pubs for sale or lease re-assignments in south london are entered onto our main sales page – link below.

We charge a small fee for your advert
We do not charge a commission on the sale.

We do not charge a commission on the sale and offer excellent incentives for buyers.

“If an agent was genuinely passionate about selling your business, they wouldn’t insist you contract them as sole selling agents!”

We are pub sales agents with a difference, we do not charge a commission on the sale of your business and we offer excellent incentives to all buyers saving them both time and more importantly money.

Pub sales agents like Fleurets Sydney Phillips Christie and Co Daltons and Guy Simmonds all charge a huge fee on the sale of the business (some even ask for up front charges). We do exactly the same as agents i.e. advertise on-line and mail to all our web users, we just don’t charge a commission fee on the pub, restaurant or hotel sale.

Pub Sales UK originally started as training consultants for large pub and restaurant companies. We can be contracted to your business for a year at a time to conduct audits. These audits are not just about food hygiene, health and safety etc. They can also be a financial audit for example – Pub Audits.

pubs for sale in south london

Finding the right location is very important; doing research on that location is vital. When we have looked at pubs and restaurants in the past to manage or lease we always research the population in the area (their age, unemployment etc.) we have added this Link to help you.

Another tip is to look at the competition in the area. What are they doing? What type of cliental are they aiming to attract? What are you going to do differently to win their customers? Take a look at the Good pub Guide (GPG), enter a 10 mile search from the post code or area you are looking to start your business in to see who you are competing against (GPG).

You could then check out how your potential competitors score on the local Environmental Health (EHO) hygiene table.All this information will be need in your business plan. Even though pubs will struggle to rely on beer sales alone it’s still important to cater for real ale drinkers. A little research on the local camra near you website could be very valuable.

We also advise everyone to take a good look at the brewery/pub companies codes of practice. This is a document supplied by the pub landlords which explains how they support their licensees. When you take over a business you will be asked to sign the document, remember to keep it safe in case you have to refer to it during your time with the company.

We advertise commission free pubs for sale in south london in and around the following towns:-

Pubs for sale bexley

Pubs for sale bexleyheath

Pubs for sale bromley

Pubs for sale croydon

Pubs for sale greenwich

Pubs for sale kingston

Pubs for sale lambeth

Pubs for sale lewisham

Pubs for sale merton

Pubs for sale richmond london

Pubs for sale southwark

Pubs for sale sutton london

Pubs for sale wandsworth

Need a business plan? We have spent many years compiling business plans for the businesses we have applied for. Unlike others we make it specific to you and your business. We don’t waffle in our plans, we make it short and to the point, just how local business managers want them – Pub sales business plan.

As well as advertising hotels, restaurants and Pubs for Sale in south london and around the south london area (as well as throughout the UK) we also run fun, professional discounted

We either hold our courses in our training centre or at your work place (dependant on numbers).

If you are searching for a pub, restaurant, hotel or B and B for sale in a specific county, all counties are listed here.

Pubs For Sale in south london.

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