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business for sale in uk. We advertise pubs, restaurants and hotels for sale or lease re-assignments in the UK. We do not charge a commission on the sale and offer excellent incentives to all our buyers

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We now need the following information to compile your advert; our philosophy is keep it simple. Big long adverts are a waste of time! They make agents look like their doing some work. Like any good C.V. your advert needs to be short and to the point. It needs to hook a prospective buyer to arrange an appointment. When you meet face to face is when you really sell your business.

If the above statement is true, and we think it is, why don’t agents attend during the visit from prospective buyers? They just don’t, they leave the hardest job to the vendor, and the vendor pays for the privilege.


We need to know: (Application form below)

Asking price.

You don’t need an agent to tell you what to sell business for; they will put a price that they believe will sell quickly so they can make their commission quickly. Take a look at what other businesses are on the market for in your area and work your price out from there. Remember by selling via this site you don’t have to pay agency fees. So in theory you could reduce the price to encourage a fast sale. If you decide to do this we will mention it in the advert.

Key features.

What facilities do you have to offer your customers.


What rent do you pay (obviously not for freeholds), how many years is this fixed for.


What a word? This translated in modern language means the conditions under which you “own” the business. For example tenancy, leasehold or freehold. We also need to know what period this is for.

Recent takings.

Let us know what your business does in a year, month or week on average. It’s also worth adding that this figure was during the credit crunch. Let us know the potential.


In this box write the address of the business you wish to advertise.

Email address.

We need your Email address so potential buyers can contact you to arrange a visit. If you prefer them to contact you via a mobile please indicate the number you wish to use. Remember to answer all calls professionally as it may be a buyer on the other end.


That’s it you just need to complete the following form and press the submission button and we’ll do the rest. We will need some photos too.

Please email these to one of our web editors on

If you need help with the photos or any stage of the process we are here to help. Just click here  Contact us and ask away.



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Business for Sale in UK – commission free

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Commission Free

Our aim is to advertise your business for sale or lease re-assignment to the 1000’s who visit our web site each month. Each of the adverts we write follows a standard format but we aim to make them personal and relevant to each individual business – this is more attractive to the buyer.

We charge a one off advertising fee payable once you are happy with the advert – Our current advertising fee is £250, we just ask you to contact us when your business has sold so we can remove it.

Agents can charge around £8,000 as their commission on the sale – we do not.

We do not charge a commission on the sale of your business.

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