How to sell a pub Business
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How to sell a pub business in the UK.

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 Welcome to the Vendors page

 “Your goal should be to sell your premises and walk out with the hard earned cash you've worked so many hour to achieve.”

As the vendor you have two choices:

Firstly: Advertise with an agent.

  • You will probably have to sign a contract.
  • You normally have to give up to 6 months’ notice to remove your advert (normally to change agents).
  • You could be paying around £8,000 to the agent when the sale is complete.
  • Agents don’t usually allow you to increase your price, i.e. after re-decoration or refurb etc.

Secondly: You go with us at pubs for sale uk .

  • Our fee to advertise your business is a one off payment of £250 to do what agencies do.
  • We promote your business for sale to our huge list of subscribers we have on file via e-mail.
  • We currently have around 40,000 visitors to our web site per month.
  • You can write your own advert or we'll write it for you. Either way we don't ask for any money until you are happy.
  • Potential buyers contact you direct cutting out the middle person.

we need to promote and sell your business so we can develop our consultancy business.

...and that's how to sell a pub.

We will obviously need certain information from you, please feel free to complete our Pubs for sale application form

If you prefer to give this information over the phone or ask any questions please contact us via our contact us page (The numbers there).

Are you already advertising with an agent?

If your pub, restaurant, hotel or B+B is already on the market with an agent and you wish to change to pub-sale-uk, you must read all the small print of your existing contract.

Don’t hesitate to contact us using the form on the “contact us” page. We can then get in touch with you to discuss the following steps.

Step 1:

  • You will need to give the relevant notice to your current agent, via Email, and keep a copy of the Email (it has the time and date on it etc). You could also send a copy to us, by doing this we can add you to the diary and chart your progress and we also act as witnesses to the notice (you must send the email to us and the agent at the same time).

Step 2:

  • You will need to send confirmation by first class and recorded post (to your agent) as well. Believe it or not that lovely sales person you initially met will try to get money out of you on any technicality they can. Which is why you must read the small print.

During the notice period we can get started on your advert and prepare the best we can for the sale. Remember just because you have given notice to your agent your business is still being advertised during the notice period and may still sell. So you can’t lose, it’s just a better deal with us. We only charge you when we advertise.

Hopefully we've answered some of your questions on how to sell a pub business and what we do. If not feel free to Contact us

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How to sell a pub business.

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Our aim is to advertise your business for sale or lease re-assignment to the 1000’s who visit our web site each month. Each of the adverts we write follows a standard format but we aim to make them personal and relevant to each individual business – this is more attractive to the buyer.

We charge a one off advertising fee payable once you are happy with the advert – Our current advertising fee is £250, we just ask you to contact us when your business has sold so we can remove it.

Agents can charge around £8,000 as their commission on the sale – we do not.

We do not charge a commission on the sale of your business.

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