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Pub audits, we can be contracted to your business to conduct the types of audits you need completing in your pub, restaurant, hotel or Bed and Breakfast.

We mainly concentrate and are contracted to conduct food audits, health and safety audits and mystery visits (as part of our pub audits programme). We have added a list of other controls and audits we can help you put into place.

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Stock control

  • A good stock control program will gather information on what is selling and analyse sales patterns then suggest reorders for you. This makes reordering much faster but still keeps you in control. Because reordering is so much faster it can be done more frequently with smaller quantities. Why does this help? Well firstly it reduces the amount of capital tied up in this stock which frees up money to use on other things like marketing, or investing in other fresh new lines. Secondly it reduces the chances of buying lots of products that do not sell and being stuck with them. It will increase the turnover of your inventory, more of a light touch. Sam Walton, the late founder of Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world has said; "Any retailer (this includes pubs, restaurants and hotels) that is not clearly focused on inventory turnover will not survive." Faster stock turnaround means holding less stock. This releases working capital in your business and reduces your exposure to risk of changing trends.


  • Do you know which suppliers are performing well and which are not? With so many products and suppliers available it can be hard to tell them apart. Information that tells you which are your most and least profitable suppliers helps you quickly make decisions on how to deal with a certain supplier. If you are sometimes led by suppliers’ recommendations, knowing exactly how well these recommendations perform allows you to assess the quality of the advice, ready to make allowances next time! If it didn’t go well, you can even present them with the evidence giving you leverage to negotiate on another deal. 

Staffing and Rota costs

  • Good information can help with staff motivation. For example, average customer spend is a useful measure for those accessory purchases. Average customer spend should have an upward trend and some owners will constantly look for ways to improve this figure. Up-selling is one of the main ways. The more your staff can up-sell the more profitable your business. Measuring average customer spend regularly for each staff member, shows you how good they are at up-selling and whether any training is required.
  • A huge part of any pub audits has to cover staffing in pubs, restaurants and hotels is usually the largest expense (Second to the Rent). A good rota system and rota planning system is vital to the cost from increasing. It's easy to say we another staff member to cover a couple of shifts. By the end of the year that could be a cost of £8k that needn't have been spent. If two members of staff are doing the same task then one of them is not needed.

Product range and sales

  • Staying on top of trends is a very important part of owning any business. No matter how good your instincts are for spotting trends, it is all too easy to overlook smaller areas that are delivering good profitable growth. By combining factual data with your natural instincts you will be in a position to make sharper decisions to improve the effectiveness of your buying and merchandising. For example, changing the location of certain highly profitable accessories can make a big difference, or on the other hand reducing the stock of a declining trend will reduce your exposure.

Shrinkage and wastage

  • Most pubs suffer from shrinkage for reasons other than theft. It can be from broken or misplaced items or items that are given free to customers. Recording all point of sale activity in the pub/restaurant will help you keep track of where these incidents are occurring and whether they centre around certain people or locations in the shop.


  • The best customers you have are those who have already eaten, drank or slept at your business. If you keep in touch with them, it is more likely that they will come back more often. The starting point of marketing to your customers is to create a customer database. This can be particularly beneficial for independent retailers who are good at developing strong customer relationships. Record customers email addresses in the business, it may help to give staff a small incentive for doing so and you could be amazed at how quickly you build a large database of names. Then email every month or two with a friendly note about new products or promotions in the shop, keep the relationship going.

Pub Audits - simple and affordable

Pub audits - Particularly when times are tough, it is all too easy to not face the facts. We get the feeling that certain areas may not be performing properly but as we don’t really know we will leave it as is. Hard facts make it more difficult to put heads in the sand. They show very clearly the direction your once favourite line is taking. They show you in black and white even slower moving but strong trends such as changes in certain product lines, changes in footfall or average customer spend. This is great news because you can do something positive about changing it. For example changing the price, location, lighting or display of a product range can have a dramatic effect on success. It can be hard to remember how much difference a change made 2 months ago has made to the product. But with clear information on product sales compared with overall shop sales you will get an exact reference of the difference the changes have made. Again, knowing this accurate information allows you to make better decisions, faster.

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